Why Are Rear Window Graphics So Popular?


Amazing Realism!


Undoubtedly, you have seen them!  SUV’s, minivans, trucks and cars are showing dazzling graphic art work on their back windows in increasing numbers. Why? These see-through window decals reflect the personality of the vehicle’s owner.

They come in an astonishing array of images: wildlife, military, horses, camouflage, scuba, patriotic, hunting, fishing, firefighters, etc.

Popular for Many Reasons


A Patriotic Rear Window Graphic!

The window decals are popular for many reasons: ease-of-application; added privacy, yet with increased visibility; long-lasting, good looks; and these full-color images are the work of some of America’s best photographers and illustrators.

The most useful tool needed for application of the graphic art is an extra pair of hands. The vehicle graphics comes with a peel-off backing. The image is centered and the excess is removed. These full-window decals last between two and five years. The most difficult part is choosing just one graphic design.


Coast Guard Graphic from the Military Series


These window-filling stickers are made from vinyl and are surprisingly “low tech.” The graphic designs are one-half vinyl and one-half holes.

They work by tricking your eyes! Human eyes absorb the light that is reflected from objects. Thus, folks looking at the rear window image, see the light that is being reflected off of the graphic and do not see holes. They see a solid image.

How These Vinyl Graphics Work

When installed, the sticky side of the vinyl graphics is black and adheres to the outside of the rear window. Looking out of the rear window, you see the light reflected from the objects outside of the vehicle, such as buildings, cars, etc. Your eyes blend the black vinyl with the images seen through the holes to create the illusion that the window is clear!

The full window decals block 50 % of the UV rays coming through the window. It protects the vehicle’s upholstery and reduces heat inside the cab. Thus, the vehicle is cooler while the interior is protected from fading.


A Gorgeous Scene of Cowboys and Horses!

Privacy is increased because of the opaque nature of the decals. Yet the graphics add an element of safety because the designs make the vehicle more noticeable – thus easier to see.

Normal Questions About Rear Window Graphics

Here are two questions the first-time buyer usually has: “Is there something wrong? I just opened the package and the image isn’t very bright.” And “Will the graphic damage or be damaged by window tints or window defrosters?”



'Surface Strike' Rear Window Graphic

Once the peel-off backing has been removed from the graphic, the image will become more vivid and clear. Second, these graphics will not effect, nor be affected by window defrosters or window tinting.

While looking for products for our site, I investigated the quality & reliability of products. We only sell products we feel are the best available. These rear window graphics are the ‘top of the line.” When driving down the streets, I can tell the difference between our designs and “the others.” Our scenes are crisp, clear, full color and easy-to-install!

Graphic Sizes to Fit Your Vehicle


The National Flag of Canada

Rear window decals generally come in three sizes: (1) suitable for small trucks – about 16” x 54”; (2) regular sized trucks – about 20” x 65 inches and (3) SUV’s and minivans – about 20” x 65 inches. Some window graphics are available for the split back windows of trucks.



Beautiful Northern Pintails

Remove your vehicle from the “wallflower” class to the cool class by adding a full-color, rear window graphic! It is a great way to personalize your vehicle!

This is just a small sample of the hundreds we carry. For ease, they have been divided into categories: outdoors, fishing,  military, patriotic, birds and specialty rear window graphics.


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