Anyone Out There? Questions for My Readers!


Calling all Readers!

Calling All Readers!


Just want you to know that it gets mighty lonely in my Ivory Tower, issuing,  ‘Calling all Readers!’  pearls of fascinating lore.

If there is anyone in cyberspace who has read my article:  Hunting News: Why You Just Might Not Get a Turkey or Deer this Year or A Few More Facts About Deer Hunting — I’d love to hear how you are handling this issue.

Hey, I’m even willing to listen to anyone who hasn’t read either article!

Briefly, hunting clothes purchased from China AND/OR washed in detergents have UV brighteners. This is a real bummer if you are hunting either of the two species with extremely sharp eyes — the turkey and deer. Essentially, folks with brighteners in their hunting clothes “glow” — making it very easy for the turkey and deer to elude those hunters.  Either of the mentioned articles has a photo of the “bright, blue, glowing hunter.”

What I’d like to know is

Are you concerned about the issue?

Have you tried the product mentioned (UV Killer)?

Did it work? As well as advertised?

Have you discovered an alternative method of removing (and keeping out) “the glow?” What is it and how does it work?  Inquiring minds want to know!

I appreciate your input; thanks for taking time to respond. (No Mom, you don’t need to answer these questions. I want to see if I have any readers besides you!)


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