Report on Lead-In-Venison & Lead Poisoning

Field and Stream‘s blog has an interesting study on the lead left in venison and the possibility of lead poisoning. ¬†Refer here:

Field and Stream got their info from the following article (“Cleaning deer of lead will take more care, DNR* says”) in the Minneapolis-St. Paul Star Tribune:



Pinch Me! What a Deer!


Specifically, lead fragments, too small to feel or taste, break up inside the carcass. An excerpt from the Star Tribune article by Doug Smith:

“Some high-velocity lead bullets break apart almost instantly, throwing small pieces of metal all over the place,” Cornicelli said.

Routine trimming likely will not remove all fragments, and the agency can’t make a recommendation about how far out from the wound to trim. The fragments generally are too small to see, feel or detect while chewing.

The study also found rinsing a carcass tended to reduce lead near the wound channel by about 20 percent, but also spread lead.

The information continues on –

If you read some of the 44 comments (at the time I wrote this), the comments are all over the place. My fave is the “socialist plot…” However, the person who reminded us of the rush to get rid of lead shot in ducks (and the ensuing HUGE increase in prices), really caught my eye.

Comments anyone?

* DNR = Department of Natural Resources (in Minnesota)


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