Guess What I Found? Duck Cleaning Video Online


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These are More Fun to Shoot Than to Clean!


Probably the most popular (single) article I’ve written has been about duck cleaning.  It’s surprising how many people want to learn this important skill.

Perhaps more hunters are coming to the same conclusion: After paying so much money for the hunt, it seems a shame to give the meat away. Remember:  It is absolutely critical to get your game on ice ASAP.

I plan to go back and rewrite my duck cleaning article, with more information — soon.  However, last night, while trolling the Net I found a bonanza!  Rob Olson demonstrates how to clean ducks. Incredible! He makes it look SO easy! Please click on this. It’s a series of 5 short videos.  Take a look!  🙂

  • Plucking Ducks I
  • Plucking Ducks II
  • Breasting Ducks
  • Wing Attached for Transport
  • Don’t Forget the Goose and Duck Legs!



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