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Redneck Tube Top

Redneck Tube Top


RE:  Redneck Tube Top

The Redneck Tube Top photos don’t seem to come up in Internet Explorer. The photos are fine in Opera, Firefox, etc.  Therefore, try another browser.


RE:  Bird Cleaning 101 for Hunters

Why don’t taxidermists want to mount a duck with lots of pinfeathers?

Taxidermists are in the business of making you happy. They know that when you come to get your duck and you see a mounting with lots of ugly, scraggly feathers, you won’t be happy.

Note the photo in What Do Pin Feathers on a Duck Look Like? (click on underlined words, then scroll {to nearly the bottom} on that page for correct photo and article).  That’s why teal are rarely mounted in September — they are still molting.


RE: Hunting News:  Why You Just Might Not Get a Deer or Turkey this Year

RE:  A Few More Facts About Deer Hunting

If you have new hunting clothes – that have not been washed yet – then use borax from day 1. Do not use fabric softener, do not use dryer sheets.

Borax in a large load – use 2/3 to 3/4 cup in load; medium sized load = use 1/2 cup; and small load = use 1/3 to 1/4 cup borax.

All US detergents have UV brighteners in them which, according to the two articles above, add these brighteners to your clothing. You do not want this. So never wash your hunting clothes in general detergents from the store.

In another article, I list the names of the grocery store detergents that are safe for your hunting clothes — UV Brighteners, We’ve Got the News.

If you have hunting garments you’ve had for awhile, you’ve put UV brighteners into the clothes by using detergents. I’m working on a test to see if the brighteners subdue over time, by washing in borax. I’ll report as soon as I’ve finished the study. Stay tuned.

Have you ever started the clothes washer and bubbles start forming around the clothes? That is soap/detergent left in your clothing from previous washes. That’s why I stated that most people use too much detergent/soap.

If you are washing in cold water (because of the residue of blood stains in the clothing), pour the correct amount of borax in a large cup or bowl and add very warm, or hot water, and stir. This will dissolve the borax; then add to the load after the water line comes up over the clothing. Wash as usual.


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