Great News About Hunting Opportunities Across the US


President Teddy Roosevelt

My Hero - Teddy!


If you recall, I’ve shared my concern about the loss of conservation dollars because there are fewer hunters  and anglers in America.

{For more info, refer to these articles:  Where Have All the Hunters Gone? (Part 1) and Where Have All the Hunters Gone? (Part 2)}

Our Problem Today

In these articles, I’ve mentioned that hunters and anglers pay the lion’s share of the money used for conservation projects, through their fees, licenses, tags and permits. All states rely on this money to pay for wildlife and hunting land management. It also pays the salaries of wildlife rangers, marine biologists, etc., to maintain and improve hunting and fishing opportunities.

One of the main reasons for this drop has been the urbanization of America; they just aren’t making any more woods, streams and habitats for game and fish. As the ‘huntable and fishable’ lands disappear, so do the anglers and hunters. H & A’s (hunters and anglers) spend $78 billion each year. When their spending drops 10% in 10 years, states and organizations sit up and take notice.

The Rumbling Heard ‘Round the US

Obviously, there’s been enough rumbling that it has been noticed by the White House. I’m delighted to tell you that the White House Conference on North American Wildlife Policy recently closed with a plan for helping H & A’s access hunting and fishing lands.

This is the first conference on wildlife conservation called by a sitting president in one hundred years (I’m sure Teddy Roosevelt was the last, in ~ 1908).

According to the press release of Jodi Stemler, “Over 500 participants, representing wildlife and hunting conservation organizations, the outdoor industry, landowners, and local, state, tribal and federal resource managers, discussed what is necessary to ensure sustainable wildlife populations and promote our nation’s hunting heritage.”

The 10 Year Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan

It looks like they called in all parties and ACTUALLY came up with some viable solutions.

Landowners who are enrolled in CRP will now be eligible for a $3 per acre incentive if they sign on to their state’s hunting access program; the incentive is expected to open an additional 7 million acres of quality wildlife habitat for hunting.”

Groups issued a series of white papers that became the foundation of the ten-year Recreational Hunting and Wildlife Conservation Plan. This is only the third time America has considered a national wildlife policy!

What is Left to Do?

Please read these words carefully: “We believe this has been an inclusive process and that the action plan is something that will carry forward through the next decade and beyond, no matter who is in the White House or controlling Congress or state houses,” (my emphasis) remarked Jeff Crane, Vice Chairman of the Sporting Conservation Council and President of the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation.

How You Can Help

In order to  get the money to implement this 10 year plan,  Vice President Cheney called on Congress to reauthorize the SCC (Sporting Conservation Council) for a ten year term. It’s interesting to note that Jeff Crane obliquely reminds us that Congress and state houses rarely have the vision of Teddy Roosevelt, regarding conservation.

You can help by encouraging your local politicians to pass the SCC. I know I’m cynical, but so little works in Washington, it looks like we should support the few things that actually make a difference.

I wonder if any of them would care to run for Congress? I can think of 435 seats + 100 other seats I’d like to fill with folks who can work together.


PS: This article is in reference to the following posting of the National Shooting Sports Foundation:

FYI: The National Shooting Sports Foundation is the the trade association for the firearms, hunting and recreational shooting industry.

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