The Little Orange Box That Could: RSS


Really Simple Syndication!

Really Simple Syndication!


You see it EVERYWHERE! Perhaps you’ve wondered; it’s RSS. It has several names, but my fave is “Really Simple Syndication.”

Folks HATE Viruses

Because people hate to open email because of viruses, junk mail, etc., programmers decided that legitimate email needed another way to be read – a way that would not have the negatives of spam & Trojan Horses.

The New Way to Read

Instead of the email coming to your email box when you “subscribe,” messages come to a reader you designate. Then you go to the reader, when you have time to read.

Unfortunately, only about 10% of the Internet population use RSS now.  As more people understand the benefit, this will change. Let’s use an example.

Getting Started

If you have found the info here helpful, you may be interested in “subscribing.” What does that mean? Most blogs are free to join. No money changes hands, you just click on the “little orange box” OR the RSS Posts (top item on my sidebar,to the right of this posting).


A new window opens and asks if you want to subscribe to my “feed” (having articles in your reader – as soon as they are published). If you choose “yes,” it asks for the name of your reader.

There’s a large box, with many of the readers available. Click on one. It should take you to that site to “subscribe” to that reader.

When a new article is posted to my reader – one of the several blogs I follow – a small white box rises in the lower right corner, listing the new article(s). After a few seconds, it lowers out of sight. There’s no sound; it’s just notifying me of new material.

But I Want Email

Hey, I’m easy.  There are 2 ways to do this. (1) Click on the orange box and (on FeedBurner, at least), you can look below the “readers” to a blue box with an envelope that offers, “Get Weblog delivered by email.” Click in that box OR the box stating, Sign Me Up! and follow the simple directions.

What Else is on a Reader?

You can read, watch and listen: Readers allow you to access a large amount of data/info in a short time.

You can watch video, listen to podcasts, see news/sports/weather. More is coming all the time!  Unsubscribing is easy too.

How’s that for progress?

~~~See you soon!~~~

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