Good Grief! A 30 Point Deer! Shot with a Handmade Long Bow!

While trolling thru some of my favorite forums, I found this.  Prairie State Outdoors forums are active and interesting.


Shot with a handmade long bow!

Shot with a Handmade Long Bow!


“This buck was taken by a 14 year old Amish boy near Dalton WI. He used a hand-made long bow and made the killing shot by stalking the huge buck using corn shocks for cover. The boy’s family would not allow him to pose with the trophy animal for pictures so a nearby neighbor, Willie Flacid posed and is also acting as spokesman for the Amish boy.

According to Flacid, the Amish family has already received several offers from outdoor sporting companies to purchase the trophy. No dollar amount has been announced yet, but according to Flacid, ‘the amount of money being offered is enough that no one would ever be hard up again.’

Bresquire (The person who posted the photo and story)

Here’s the URL –

Further down the page, this was added: “That buck came from adams county, ohio. i just happen to live there so i know for sure. 36 scoreable points. that deer has brought alot of hunters in from all over.”



Good Grief! A 30 Point Deer!

‘Real Photo, Inaccurate Description’

** Update on 10/10/2010:

Snopes has an interesting story about the photo(s).  It seems the Amish community (and a few other hunters) were aware there was a huge deer in Adams County, Ohio.

John Schmucker, an Amish adult, killed the deer on the first day of bow hunting season. This deer is the largest ever taken by a crossbow in Ohio and the 2nd largest in the state — ever.

When measured, the final Boone & Crockett score was 291 and2/8 from a gross score of 300 and 6/8.

Click on the underlined Snopes for the whole story.


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  2. heyy 100000000million dollars for the tirdy pointer.

  3. heyy want ur deer

  4. See full story on including the REAL story on the buck actually shot in Ohio, plus pictures of another Amish buck from Kentucky that was shot in 2007. Those Amish sure can hunt.

  5. Say, thanks for the info. This has really been a popular posting; glad to hear there’s more to the story. I wasn’t aware of the Kentucky buck shot in 2007; I know readers will getting the scoop.

  6. What a great deer. Congratulations to the young man.


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  8. nice buck giant deer almoat as big as my 32 point haha just joking

  9. Sweet site + I never see before in my google Drive up your good work!

  10. Haha thats a tiny deer compared to the 36 pointer that my sisters friend shot…

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  13. oh my gosh its huge

  14. Dear Anon,

    Frankly, I didn’t think there could possibly be a larger deer — but take a look at Tuesday’s (10/18/2010) behemoth!


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