What’s So Great About a Truck Tent?

So Why A Truck Tent?

Tent makers have listened for years to complaints about regular tents.

You know what they are: Uncomfortable sleeping on rocks and debris;   worry over getting wet during a rain shower;  the aggravation of tent poles that never seem to fit together; concern about leaving the truck in one place and camping elsewhere, concern about critters joining sleepers in the tent 🙂 . . . .

What is a Truck Tent?

Tent designers decided to turn the idea of a  tent on its ear!


Camping in a Standard Truck!


Incorporating the best points of  grounded tents, they created new solutions for camping challenges. Truck tents are self-contained units that offer rain protection, excellent ventilation and easy set-up. The poles are color-coded and tents can be operational in 15 minutes, or less.

Sizes to Fit Most Trucks

Along with clever features and ease-of-use, truck tents are available to fit most trucks! Whether your truck has compact short bed, a full size step-side, a Dakota Quad Cab with 5.5′ bed, full size long or short bed, or most any other configuration, there’s a truck tent for you.

Things to Look For in a Truck Tent

Creature comforts are emphasized in tents that are attached to trucks. Check the height of the tent – they can vary widely. If you have a slider window, you may want access into the cab. Some models have this feature.

How is the tent held into place on your truck? Will the hooks used be


A Tent Design for a Compact Truck!

kind to the finish on your truck?

Check for gear pockets and hooking systems that can be used to hang clothes or for lamp placement.  It’s helpful to have reflective zipper pulls for use at night.

Tents that are light (in color) on top offer more interior light in the tent. Conversely, dark topped tents are darker inside the tent – day and night.

What’s Next?

Next time, I’ll show the latest in camping style for folks with an SUV or other vehicle!  This will show the Lexus of camping! ~~~ Need a Camping Checklist? ~~~

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