All I Want for Christmas is … a Tent for my SUV!

When designers decided to turn the concept of a tent upside down, they didn’t stop with trucks. They reasoned that if a truck could contain a tent, so could an SUV, minivan or hatchback!

Talk About Unique! 

Many of the SUV, minivan and hatchback designs allow the tent to be separate or attached to the vehicle. Therefore, you have the convenience of being able to leave the tent in place, while using the vehicle elsewhere.

How Do I Get the Tent Back Into This Tiny Bag? 

Sportz SUV 83000 Tent with Screen Room

Sportz SUV 83000 Tent with Screen Room



One of the biggest complaints from campers is that the tent never fits back into the original storage bag.  Designers were listening and have created unique ways to help people with two left hands successfully navigate the tent back into the bag.

Yeah, But Will it Fit My Vehicle?

Most of these new-generation tents are very specific about the size and model of the vehicles that fit a particular design.

If the information tag includes: “Fits most hatchbacks” — keep looking. That company is not attending enough to the needs of the customer. Great info tags specify exactly the models and years that fit any given tent.

Other Things to Watch

The standard height for SUV tents seems to be between 7 and 8 feet. This height is great for tall campers and creates a sense of spaciousness inside the tent. Don’t shortchange yourself!

Check what the flooring is made of before purchasing. I think the floor takes the most abuse and it should have ‘rip stop’ fabric or some similar treatment to ensure good looks and long lasting comfort.

Warranties are a must with these tents. One-year is the minimum time  a tent should be under warranty. Ninety days simply isn’t enough time to check for manufacturer’s defects.


Dome-to-Go Tents!

Dome-to-Go Tents!


Keep in mind: Generally, tents are water-resistant, not water-proof.

Check the fabric carefully. I think cotton and canvas are poor choices because of the issues of  mildew and condensation. One of the quickest ways to ruin a tent is to put it away wet.  Even Polyester/Titanium fabric (one of the best) is no match for storing a wet tent.

Some Cautions

Remember that your SUV/Truck tents are situated near the fuel source and exhaust pipe of your vehicle. This calls for some extra precautions.

Do not use fuel-powered lanterns or heaters inside these tents. Candles, matches and open flames should not be used inside.

While the tent is installed in/on your vehicle, the vehicle cannot be moved.

These new generation tents attached to vehicles are making camping converts far and wide. Perhaps they are just what you need for your next camping or hunting trip.

Santa, are you listening?


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