What’s the Difference Between Assault Weapons and Sporting Rifles?

You Tube has an excellent video: Comparing a fully automatic assault rifle with a semi automatic rifle with a semi automatic rifle for sportsmen and women.

It is just under 11 minutes and well worth your time. The instructor is Officer Leroy Pyle of the San Jose, California Police Dept.   I like his low-key style in talking about an emotionally laden topic.

Getting Ready for Hunting Season!

He explains how the weapons are alike and how they are different. He, and others make several interesting points. One point is: during the collection of 50,000 + weapons, California has NEVER collected a semi automatic gun that has been re-configured into an assault weapon. Therefore, the contention that every drug lord has an arsenal of fully automatic assault weapons is incorrect. The location of the video is:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ysf8x477c30



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