I Hope You Don’t Think I’m Jealous, Darrell!

If you’ve scanned my blogroll, you may have noticed that I list tn_j0133729 “Rantings of an Outdoorsman.”

All this time, I’ve been waiting for Darrell, site guru and hunter extraordinaire, to start “ranting” (as his site name seems to promise).  However, after seeing his photos over the past few days, I know the REAL STORY.

Tiptoe Through the Photos

A couple of days ago, I suggested my readers go check out his photos (and great story), dated 27 November 2008.  “BBD! My Nice Whitetail Buck from Opening Day of 2008 Missouri Firearms Season.”

Was he satisfied when we drooled all over his photos? Of course not.

To heap on the grief, he just happens to have a few pictures of his Iowa hunt, dated 17 December 2008!

And Now — The “Awful” Truth

“Rantings of an Outdoorsman” has nothing to do with Darrell. “Rantings” has everything to do with those of us who read his blog!

I used to think Darrell was one of the luckiest hunters ever. Over the past months, I’ve come to realize that luck is really overrated. He must have considerable talent (but please don’t tell him I said that).  😉

Be Careful

If you have a fragile psyche (and have not shot a deer this season), Darrell’s blog  may send you to the anti-depressant aisle of your local drug store.

However, those of you with a sturdier constitution (and a freezer full of deer), will undoubtedly enjoy http://www.AlphaTrilogy.com

Two Questions

Does Darrell’s diet include venison 21 meals/week? *

I can get a group therapy rate for “deer envy;” anybody interested?


* Perhaps he can market a new craze – “Darrell’s Deer Diet!” I can hear the ca-chings already!


Yes, I’m still feeling awful (and the photos on www.AlphaTrilogy.com don’t help a bit)    😉    {you know I’m kidding, right?}.  Monday, I’ll get back to serious writing.  Have a great weekend!


Thought for the day: Do something good for your mental health this weekend — stay out of the stores!  Go hunting instead!


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