Amazing Stories of 2008 – Published by (Gasp) Others!


What a Rack! What a Story!

What a Rack! 30 Points of "Oh, My Goodness!"


Yep, I hate to admit it. Others have produced some really great posts. Some were outrageously funny, some are just outrageous! All of these are worth your time….


Most Important Choice

Probably the ‘YouTube’ show,  “What’s the Difference Between Assault Weapons & Sporting Rifles?” Leroy Pyle does more to dispel the emotion from these words than anyone else I’ve seen to date.

This video lasts less than 12 minutes and demonstrates the items under discussion.  His language is clear and low-key; just what is needed.

Most Useful

Without a doubt, learning how to clean a duck from a master hunter is wonderful. Don’t be put off by the fact this series (of 5 short videos) was produced with young hunters in mind.

Oh My Gosh!

Eat Your Heart Out: Amazing New MS State Archery Record!  is another jaw-dropper!  Congrats to Michael Burkley!

Good Grief! A 30 Point Deer! ** Update on 10/10/2010:

Snopes has an interesting story about the photo(s).  It seems the Amish community (and a few other hunters) were aware there was a huge deer in Adams County, Ohio.

John Schmucker, an Amish adult, killed the deer on the first day of bow hunting season. This deer is the largest ever taken by a crossbow in Ohio and the 2nd largest in the state — ever.

When measured, the final Boone & Crockett score was 291 and2/8 from a gross score of 300 and 6/8.

Click on the underlined Snopes for the whole story.


The Year Isn’t Over

“Well, it ain’t over till it’s over,” sums up this latest story – just noticed it a few minutes ago on Rocky Mountain News.

Randy Goodman of Sedalia, Mo., reminds us all why Missouri is the “Show Me” State.  He went to collect the 240 lb. deer he’d just shot – twice.

Getting ready to pack his – obviously dead – 9 pointer back to camp, Goodman made a small mistake.  He forgot to make sure the deer was completely dead.

The deer took offense,*  jumped up and attacked the veteran hunter with his antlers and bulk.  The rest of the story is at: or @


A Sadder & Wiser Good Man!

A Sadder & Wiser Good Man!


* The deer seems to have been offended that Mr. Goodman didn’t SHOW ME I’M DEAD!’ (Even the deer are into the “show me” mindset!) Sheesh!


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