Another “Oh, My” Story: A Piebald Buck!





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This is a Piebald Buck – nabbed by a hunter in WI.


What a Magnificant Beast!

What a Magnificent Beast!

He sent these photos  around to folks & the owner of Cabella’s paid him $13,000 for the head and hide. A calico buck like this one is rarer than an albino.






*MDH = My Deer Husband


Update of 10/10/2010:  Snopes has the story.  It was shot on private land in East Texas.  Click on “snopes” for more.  They state the photos are real but the description is wrong.


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  1. That is one amazing animal if I had that chance I would take it just like you did byt you should have told us where you got it in Wisconsin because I want to go and get one that is again one amazing animal and I hope to see it Calbas!!!

  2. how come you did not tell the owner to raise the money!!!

  3. Dear Lily and Anonymous:

    Thanks for your comments. Actually, my husband, Richard, sent the pie-bald buck story/photos from work via an email. He wrote with such authority; I didn’t question the location of the shooting.

    However, parts of the story are wrong. This pie-bald buck was shot outside Palestine, TX (in east Texas) in November 2008.

    There’s more to the story at the following site:

    “My husband (James Curtis) is the one who killed the piebald buck in East Texas that has created quite a bit of interest on the Internet. I just wanted to give you the facts so that you can update your website. You can actually see the buck on the Texas Big Game Awards website, as well as on their TropyWatch.

    The deer was actually killed November 2, 2008, on a privately owned ranch outside of Palestine, Texas. The piebald deer scored 138 5/8 gross with a total body weight of 195 pounds. My husband is getting the deer full body mounted.

    Anyways, I just wanted to give you this information since there are lots of emails going around saying the deer was harvested in Michigan, Arkansas, West Virginia, and Georgia just to name a few. One email even says that the deer was sold to Cabela’s for $13,000! It is crazy.”

    Please note her last sentence. I take it from that sentence — that the info about Cabela’s being involved is wrong!

    Thanks for writing!

  4. u shouldnt of sold itt!!tht was ur prize and itt would prob. ment morr to uu then any onee.

  5. Dear Joaquin,

    The emails flying around the Internet indicated that this deer had been sold to Cabela’s for $13,000. However, on a comment dated 26 Arpril 2009, I wrote that the wife of the shooter (James Curtis) wrote that they did NOT sell the deer to Cabela’s. Instead, he’s getting a “full body mount.”

    From that I assume that he is keeping the animal, after taxidermy, as an amazing momento of an amazing hunting trip.


  6. Hey

    I like Your site. It is interesting. Do You have RSS so I can add to my favorites.
    Let me know when it will be ready. Keep it UP.
    see ya

  7. wow, he sure is beautiful. Too bad you ended his life.

  8. Dear Laura,

    He was beautiful! I didn’t end his life. MDH sent these photos to me from work. He didn’t shoot it either.

    Best wishes,

  9. dont kill bucks they have a fam

  10. Dear Megan,

    Since we have removed all the deer’s natural predators, killing off some deer each year keeps the breed strong. You and I both learned that in Biology I.
    If a species is not thinned, it will over-run it’s habitat — that means they will all starve. Perhaps you think watching deer starve is better than shooting (and eating the meat). Well, I don’t. Starvation is a horrible way to die.

    Thanks for writing,

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