Mosey On Over to January’s Highlights: Did You Miss Any?


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Round-Up of the Best!



Perhaps you have just joined this brilliant band of blogites and have only read a few posts. Well, I’d like to tell you about this month’s hottest!

Most Hits This Month Hands down, the most popular article this month was: Good Grief! A 30 Point Deer! Shot with a Handmade Long Bow!” Over 2100 people viewed this photo in the last 30 days.

“Amazing Photos” – Most Popular Category

Lots of you are into “Amazing Stories.” This month, I posted three photos from Louisiana (thanks to MDH*):

Great Photos: That Wild Boar was Where?” This has been the most active posting of an item presented this month!

“Removing the Gamy Taste” Blogs Are Popular

The set of 4 ‘Removing the Gamy Taste blogs really struck a chord with readers. The daily readership (of one or more of the articles) has been great!

On the recipes front, ‘Deer Chili in a Slow Cooker‘ has been very popular this month. With all the cold weather we’ve had, lots of folks have fired up their slow cookers!

“Turkey Hunting” Series

This series is moving right along. I’m writing about a season that doesn’t start for a more than a couple of months because I’ve learned that the hunters who prepare for the season are more successful than the average hunter.

I was surprised to find out how much there is to learn about turkey hunting. I’m learning as I write; biologists have really broadened our understanding of these big birds in the last few years.

Turkeys may not be the brightest boys on the block, but they are noble adversaries — wily and shrewd are two words that come to mind.  As a hunter, the more you know about them, the better your chances are of feasting on one of these great birds! Thanks for reading. I love writing!


* MDH = My Deer Husband; also known as “He Who Likes to be Obeyed” – sadly he rarely is.


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