Just How Much Land Do You Need for Turkey Hunting?

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Turkeys Can Travel 1 to 2 Miles/Day!

Pull out your hankies! This is going to be sad news.

Biologists Have Been Counting

As I mentioned recently, biologists have added greatly to our store of knowledge about turkeys and their habits.

Who would have thought it?  Biologists claim that turkeys can travel between 1 and 2 miles per day.

That general statement, however, doesn’t take into consideration the terrain the gobbler is on or which of the 5 types of turkeys we’re discussing.  If the area these ‘big bird’  herds are in will not support many birds, they range further.

A Recap – 5 Types

Eastern turkey – has the largest numbers. They are available along the eastern coast from Maine to northern Florida, and as far west as Oklahoma.

Merriam’s- live in the western US.

Osceola – live only in Florida.

Rio Grande – reside mostly in Texas, but range as far north as Kansas and as far south as Mexico.

Gould’s Wild Turkey – lives mostly in central Mexico and some reside in New Mexico.


Back to  Our Original Question

Taking into consideration variances in terrain and types of turkey, the picture changes!  Under these circumstances, turkeys range from 50 acres to 5 miles!

The only good news in all of this is that turkeys don’t migrate.  They seem to acclimatize to an area and stay close — unless something scares them away or the land will no longer support them.

How Fast Can Gobblers Move?

Turkeys can run as fast as 15 mph – on the ground!

They can fly up to 55 mph!

Thanks for the Question

I probably wouldn’t have written about how much land is needed to hunt for turkeys, had a reader not asked the  question. You’re keeping me on my toes!

Next time: Survival Techniques Turkeys Use to Stay Off Your Table


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