What are 3 Great Things About Night Fishing?



My Favorite Part of Night Fishing: Peace!

Night fishing isn’t for everyone. However, if you’re like me, there are oodles of great things about night fishing. I’d like to share 3 of them today.

Peace and Quiet

When the sun sinks below the horizon, there’s something wonderful about the quiet that takes hold. I find night fishing more restful and serene than fishing during daylight hours.

Although there can be more dangers with reduced light, there seem to be many pluses — it’s a chance to tune into the night noises, the firebugs dance and sway and the stars wink down from the night sky.

Fish Aren’t So Picky

Without elbow-to-elbow fishing that often occurs during the daylight hours,  fish don’t have so many choices for a meal. Biologists say that fish seem to increase their feeding behaviors  just after the sun goes down and around dawn.

Whether out on a boat or on shore, I like to go out when the moon is full.  The water tends to be slick (as glass) after sundown, and the moonlight is sufficient light to keep an eye on any rippling in the water.

Dining on Bugs and Lures

By using top water lures, I’m able to throw my line out where the top feeding fish are dining on the mosquitoes and bugs that are skimming along the water.

What’s not to love about night fishing?

Well, those bugs out on the water tend to smell fresh meat (a fisherman).  Tired of being a fish’s meal, they decide to dine on night anglers. Be sure to bring plenty of bug spray for a night trip.


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