Knives: Can You Spot a Fake?


Not a Fake!

Not a Fake!


Faking knives in America really started in the 1950’s, as the idea of knife collecting started to take off in the US!  In case you think you’ve never seen any — there are table-fulls of fakes at gun shows, swaps and flea markets!

Show sponsors can’t figure out how to stop the practice. All you can do is protect yourself by learning as much as you can on the subject!

The most important thing you can  do is:  avoid buying a knife until you learn how to spot a fake.

Where Are Fakes Made?

Fakes are rarely made in the country of the original. The Germans and Japanese produce fakes of old American knives. You need to know what the “American style” of knife making is so you can tell when you are seeing a German or Japanese copy.

Fakes have a long history. London brands were copied by Sheffield knife makers in the 1600 and 1700’s.  By the 1800’s, Germans created pseudo-British knives for sale in America.

Now, German companies manufacture fakes of American knives; Italians make fakes for German and American companies!

Japanese offers fake collectibles because, world-wide, there is a demand for them. Pakistani companies copy the Japanese fakes and the Chinese copy everyone!

To top this all off, everyone copies the Swiss Army knives!  How can person catch fakes? It seems almost impossible! It sounds as if there are more faked knives than real ones!

Things to Watch

There are a few things to watch.  (1) Look at workmanship. If things do not work smoothly, if parts do not  fit together well (Are there any gaps or parts that do not fit together smoothly?), then it is most likely a fake.

(2) Does it work as a knife?  Unbelievably, sellers offer collectable knives that don’t work!  Keep in mind, knives  — even collectibles — were ALWAYS constructed for use!


Next time: There are 3 types of faked knives: counterfeits, re-worked knives and fantasy knives! Learn about each type!


Full Disclosure: I no longer sell Gerber knives and multi-tools on my site.  I’ve left these articles up because they have been popular and informational.


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