Turkeys: Tips on Nabbing a Silent Gobbler!


Before we get started, a priceless quip:

If at first you don’t succeed, failure may be your style.

– Quentin Crisp


After an hour, or so, of soft calls (every 15-20 minutes) with no response – now it’s time to make a decision.

Using Your Gut Instinct


Outsmarting the Silent Gobbler!


If the tom heard any noise that he couldn’t connect with a hen, he probably has “left the building” (a la Elvis)!

It may be best to move to another location and try again.

A Tom Walks Up Behind You!

Gobblers are notorious for being sneaky!  They also have an uncanny ability to arrive where you least expect.

Let’s say you hear a responding call or leaf rustling behind you; this is no time to turn around!

Remember, we learned from the study of what and how (both) deer and turkeys see, that they are watching for movement.

If you stay frozen in place until you have a chance at a shot, you have a tiny chance of getting the gobbler.  You are part of the scenery – until you shoot.

Hopefully, he will have to move around a tree trunk/brush/whatever, which will give you a chance to raise your gun and shoot.

If you move and prove that you are neither a hen nor part of the scenery, you have no chance of taking home that big bird.

When things get tough, remember that his brain is the size of a walnut!  Give yourself time — you can out-fox him — if he cooperates by making a mistake!


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