How to Cook a Wild Turkey!

Wild Turkey Cooking is Different!

Wild Turkey Cooking is Different!

Question: I roasted a wild turkey with the recipe we use for a regular turkey. It was so tough that we couldn’t eat it. What happened?

Answer: Domesticated turkeys are different from those in the wild, as you found out. Wild turkeys are muscular and very lean.

Since they lack a ‘fat layer’ — wild turkeys must be regularly basted with butter, margarine, salad oil or a cooking additive – such as broth or wine.

Another way to keep the wine/broth/oil/butter/margarine next to the lean meat of the wild turkey is to wrap the bird in damp cheesecloth — and then add the broth/oil/butter/whatever to the cheesecloth.

The whole point of the cheesecloth is to keep moisture in constant contact with the dry, lean meat of the turkey during cooking.

Although you cook the turkey at the same temperature (325 degrees, F), it is important to reduce the cooking time by 20%. Don’t overcook!

Your wild turkey is ready when you pierce the meat (between the breast and the thigh) with a fork and the juices run clear.

Another way to ensure a great meal is to roast the turkey breast separately, because it cooks much faster than the legs and thighs!

Allow the turkey to rest for 15-25 minutes, after removing from the oven.

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