Adding a Little Sunshine (Bass) to Your Day!


Called 'Sunshine Bass' in Southern States!

Called 'Sunshine Bass' in Southern States!


As someone with more experience going saltwater fishing rather than fresh, I was surprised when a reader mentioned sunshine bass or hybrid bass. I can’t find any in my zip code!

Obviously, I’m missing out because these are rather fiesty fish, that make sure you know they are on your line!

Basic Info on Hybrid Bass

These striped bass hybrids are a cross between a white bass and a striped bass.  In southern states, they’re called ‘sunshine bass.’

Fishing for these hybrids  starts in early spring and continues into early fall. August seems to be their most active period.

Averaging between 5 and 10 lbs., these fish seem to like the deeper areas of lakes – between 12 and 18 feet – during the summer months. In winter, they move towards the bottom of the lake/reservoir.

Catching the Sunshine Bass

These striped bass will eat at any time of the day or night. However, they seem to be more active in early morning and a couple of hours before sunset.

Around dark, listen for water roiling  noises; striped bass are known for attacking and creating a feeding-frenzy in schools of surfacing alewife herring.

Sunshine Bass Eat What?

Have any leftover venison?  Winter ice anglers in New Jersey have reported getting a good response from striped bass using jigs (at the lowest depths), with a piece of venison meat on the tip of the jig!

Other anglers report that these hybrids bite anything that doesn’t bite first.  They make the point that bass will bite just about anything — live, dead, plastic, rubber, whatever.

However, they admonish readers to be flexible — if you aren’t getting bites, try a different type/style.

Fishing Styles for Hybrid Bass 

It's Good I'm Not the Jealous Type!

It's Good I'm Not the Jealous Type!



Bass respond to night crawlers or chicken livers from shore-bound anglers – fishing on the bottom. Yum!

These striped bass hit a line hard and run with it! Anglers really like the action the sunshine bass offers.

Other popular ways of following bass are: anchoring or boat drifting while using herring or shiners; trolling while using minnow look-alike crank baits or herring; or casting your crank baits into night feeding areas.

Just in case I haven’t ruined your day yet, take a look at the photo on the right and — eat your heart out!


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