Varmints with Bushy Tails You Can Shoot!



Texas Greedy Gut!


It’s always “open season” for squirrels on our property. It’s fortunate that the state of Texas concurs – since that is where we live.

Forty years ago, when we moved to this house and property, MDH* decided to create a pecan forest.  During the bone-chilling times and the sweltering summers, Richard was out nurturing, grafting and pruning his baby trees.

Where Do Squirrels Come From?

We live on the coastal plain close to Galveston; squirrels were  missing from our environment — in the early days. Salt, sand and clay soils were hardly what these varmints want when scoping out new digs.

Richard will tell you that “tree rats” come from hell. Once his trees started to develop pecans, 24-hour-eating-machines took up residence in Richard’s pecan orchard.

Your Eyes Do Not See

I know, you’re looking at that cute chipmunk/squirrel/tree rat above and have decided that we are greedy monsters, unwilling to share our bounty with these little frisky imps.

Hah! These little vultures try to eat their weight in Richard’s pecans.  They do not understand the concept of “portion control.” The photo above proves my point!

Tree Rats vs. The Dogs

Squirrels were moving into our trees at such a rapid rate that MDH decided serious action was needed.  He called our three dogs (a Lab, a Chow and a Basset Hound) and promised a yummy meal for each squirrel they escorted to the next life.

The race was on! The squirrels started eating more nuts to keep up their strength to evade the dogs below. As the trees grew to full size, the tree rats started showing our dogs what great tree jumpers and gliders they could be!

True to his promise, Richard pulled out his pellet gun, after the dogs treed one of the fluffy tails, and helped the varmint to an early grave.

Everyone seemed happy … and then ….

Hurricane Ike

Last September 13, the hurricane came across our property and tore out the tops and centers of the pecan trees. In spite of the devastation, there was a silver lining — there was no longer a full canopy overhead!

Squirrels got the shock of their lives when they started to fly across to the next tree — and the branches were gone!

Unfortunately, they quickly adjusted to the new reality!

*  MDH = My Deer Husband


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