Part 2: Varmints with Bushy Tails!


A Rodent by Any Other Name ....

A Rodent by Any Other Name ....


The squirrels that reside on our property seem to know a ‘new math.’ Every time one of these tree rats bites the dust, two more seem to arrive to join the game!

I hate to admit it but we seem to be losing the race to control our pecan trees & yard.  Most of the time, the squirrels run around our yard in fearless glee!

I’m afraid they’ve found out about the “gutless wonder” that resides within.  It’s so unfair….

Richard and the Pellet Gun

As an excellent shot, Richard goes out (when the dogs signal) and helps the squirrels to “a better place.”

However, from late September to early March, Richard is running marathons around the state of Texas.  That means that he is not assisting the dogs to thin out the rodent ranks in our yard.

The dogs get so caught up in their chase that they call to me (in true desperation) — to hurry out with the pellet gun.

I have no problem bringing out the gun, I just have a problem loading and shooting it!

Our ‘Gutless Wonder’ with the Pellet Gun

One day, I was so tired of hearing  the 3 dogs bark, bark, barking for the pellet gun that I went outside with pellets and gun – in tow. After several minutes of trying to figure out why the pellet wouldn’t fit into the proper place, I called Richard at work.

He groaned.  A lot.  After giving me minute directions, that didn’t seem to make sense, MDH*suggested I wait till he got home. I told him I’d happily wait but I didn’t think the squirrel would (wait around).  I was right!

The good news is that I finally wedged the pellet in the gun. The bad news is that was not in the right place and it took MDH about 20 minutes to extract the pellet from the unfortunate spot where I’d placed it.

Through no fault of mine, the gun still works.

The other half of the problem is that the gun has to be pumped – a lot. Actually, I think someone wanting to develop their biceps would be wise to take up pumping one of these things.

I can do the first one. Period. I really struggle with the second one.

But you know what really hurts?  The squirrel I want to shoot stops and watches me. I think he’s laughing!

* MDH = My Dear Husband


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