Squirrels: How & Where They Live

Fox Squirrel

These early risers are larger than the grays – often 2 lbs. They like the

A Fox Squirrel (sciurus_niger)

same habitat as the grays: cypress swamps, hardwoods, urban areas, thin tree stands near rivers or streams.



The fox squirrels eat a wider range of things: nuts, bird eggs,Long, Lean & Mean! berries, seeds, fungi, buds and the inner bark of maple trees.

Like the grays, they love corn and are the bane of cornfields. Because they are large, they must spend more time feeding and rove a larger area from their nests.

Interestingly, they travel on the ground, more than in the trees.

Western Gray Squirrel

This popular hunting squirrel  lives in Washington through California, usually in redwood or hardwood forests. Their nests are made of shredded bark, up high in trees.

In the winter, they do as their cousins, find a tree cavity or hole. Feasting on bird eggs, insects, acorns, pine nuts, fungi and fruits, this squirrel has a notably sharper sense of smell.

He also had an excellent memory and he does remember where he buried the nuts! This variety sticks to inland forests.

Abert’s and Kaibab Squirrels

Abert’s calls the isolated mountainous regions of Arizona, Colorado,

There are 9 Subspecies of this Rare Squirrel!

Utah and New Mexico – home. He builds his nests in the ponderosa forests (in the crotches of trees) with leaves and shredded bark. Abert’s eat pine seeds, pinion nuts, fungi, berries, dropped antlers and weedy plants. There is a sub-species of Abert’s, called the Kaibab Squirrel. It lives only on the northern rim of the Grand Canyon and is considered ENDANGERED.

Red Squirrel, Pine Squirrel, Chickaree Squirrel



These are all names for the same tree rat, that inhabits hardwood and mixed forests and conifer forest areas.  They range from Alaska, Canada, along the Appalachian & Rocky Mountain areas, to as far south as Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota and Ohio.

BTW, the Douglas Squirrel is a twin of the red. The only thing different about this rodent is that this one has a wide range of calls.

He seems to use all of them when hunters are about – looking for other game. He’s not a hunter’s friend!

Douglas squirrels live on pine seeds and the rest of the tree rat diet and hang out in British Columbia, and the western states of Washington, Oregon and California.


Next Time: Finish the northern and southern flying squirrels and on to hunting squirrels with kids.


These are photos from the Wikimedia Commons


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