Turkeys: The Best Time to Hunt

This article is written on the premise that you are hunting on public lands.

First Day

It’s a given that  public lands will be busy on opening day of turkey season –particularly if the season starts on a weekend. 


Avoid Shooting Gobblers In or Near Their Roosts!


If you are on public lands, you need to outsmart turkeys and other hunters!  This requires planning before the opening hours of turkey season.

Pre-Season Activities

Generally, topographical maps are available for national forests and other public lands.  This is an  important ally in your quest for a gobbler.

Before hunting season starts, you need to know where water is located and scout the trails on this land. Young turks like to have their roosts near water.

Listen for gobbling, look for roosts (in trees) and the strutting zones of gobblers. (There’s more info in Turkey Hunting : Pre-Season Work for Hunters).

MDH* recommends shooting a turkey no closer than 200 yards to where he roosts!  Watch where gobblers go after they jump down from their roosts and set-up in a likely spot for him to travel past you.

Remember, avoid shooting turkeys at or in their roosts!  Why? Turkeys will move elsewhere – permanently!

Hunting Pressure and Turkeys

“Hunting pressure” is an odd phrase but it is important to understand how turkeys respond to hunting pressure.

When there are lots of hunters trying their luck in a particular place, this ‘hunting pressure’ causes turkeys to become hard to kill. When turkeys have lots of exposure to hunters in a short period of time, they learn from those encounters.

Lots of hunters come to public hunting places in the early morning and are gone by 7:30 or so. By letting the turkeys settle back down for a couple of hours, many hunters are successful at 10 am (late morning)!

For more info, go to Not Bagging Your Turkey Limit? Maybe You Need to Sleep Later!”


* MDH = My Dear Husband



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