Six Quick Turkey Hunting Tips

1) Where is the best area to hit a wild turkey?

This Threesome is Checking out the Neighborhood! *

Unless you enjoy picking pellets out of your downed turkey’s body, aim for the head/ neck area.

However, gobblers are a challenge — their brains (and your goal) — are the size of a walnut.

2) What if the gobbler doesn’t cooperate and make his head “available?”

Good point. I asked MDH* and he says he lets the bird pass him by and takes a shot at the bird (a) in flight or (b) from behind.

(a) The advantage here is that the bird has his wings out of the way and you may be able to get a head or body shot. You want the wing feathers out of the way because they are dense enough to repel (really!) or absorb the pellets –and walk away!

(b) This is even harder than (a) because turkeys are sharp-eyed. It is very difficult to remain absolutely still while a gobbler saunters past your hiding spot.

Remember, they are watching for movement. For more info, go to Survival Skills Turkeys Use to Stay Out of Your Oven .

3) “Turkeys show up where I’m not expecting. How do I prepare for the unexpected?”

Welcome to the joy of  turkey hunting! I consider them to be ‘noble adversaries’ because of this skill. Please refer to a previous post — Tips on Nabbing a Silent Gobbler!

This article has info on adapting to the surprising antics of turkeys.

4) How fast can gobblers move?

Don’t plan to out-run any gobbler you are hunting.  Turkeys can run as fast as 15 mph on the ground!  They can fly up to 55 mph!

5) How long can gobblers live?

Wild turkeys could live as long as their domesticated cousins, but few do. According to biologists, the wild ones rarely live past 5 years, while the domestic version can live into their teens!

6) What size shot is best for wild turkeys?

The short answer is 2’s – 4’s or 6’s. Of these, the 6’s give you the most pellets and the 2’s offer the largest pellets.  This is really a personal decision, based on your shotgun and your preference.

There’s a lot more to this issue and I’m nearly at 400 words. Therefore, go to Shotgun Shell Patterning.


* MDH = My Dear Husband


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