Today’s Joke: Yoga from India vs. Yoga from Texas






! = This version of the posture requires considerable strength in the neck, shoulders and back, requiring years of practice to achieve. It should not be attempted without supervision.






Wait for it






The Texas class is full for this session. I’ll get back to you when it opens up again!


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  1. The Yogi in from Texas is obviously far more relaxed and comfortable in his yoga than the more rigid individual from India. In addition, it appears that Yogi #2 can do his yoga anywhere, anytime, anyway, with no preparation. But Yogi #1, being apparently more uptight, needs more props and preparation to achieve his LESS relaxed state.

    It is admitted, however, that Yogi #2 should have a more attentive and engaged assistant, while Yogi #1 is in no need of assistance, that we can tell, anyway.

    Paradoxically, Yogi #2 seems to require more numerous asana assistance tools, although they are arranged in a very uniform manner. But they are Green, and his neck is attempting to commune with nature (a modified Tree Pose), giving him more credibility with Environmentalists. Yogi #1 does not, on the surface anyway, demonstrate any Green tendencies, except that he is not using colored dye in his clothing.

  2. You must teach the Texas style of Yoga because I was on the floor laughing with NO props when I read your comment!

    Thanks! — marylouise

  3. Things do have a tendency to be different in Texas. Wonderful LOL!

    Found your site on
    Love the traffic

  4. Everything in Texas is different. Wonderful LOL!

    I found your site on
    Love the traffic

  5. @Marylouise — Your Welcome, and Glad I could provide some entertainment. But no, I teach **Let-Go Yoga,** my own system, at .

    But there is a Martial Arts system called Drunken Style, maybe I could open up a new market? I could add the Texas Yoga Style and advertise and do Demo’s in all the Bars. Classes at Midnight when they are all well prepared and warmed up.

    Thanks for Your Comment.

  6. Dear Pam,

    Actually, I don’t think things are very different in Texas than anywhere else. However, when poking fun, it is always better to keep it in your own back yard, rather than making fun of someone else’s state!

  7. Dear David,

    Perhaps by promoting the ‘Texas style’ as “Lets-Stay” yoga, many folks would be happy to lie down on the bar floor and remain there until morning!

    — Marylouise

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