Scopes & Turkey Hunting

Taking Aim at a Gobbler 


The "Kill Zone" on a Turkey is Very Small!

Although the wild turkey is North America’s largest game bird, the best “kill zone” is rather small.  The best place to kill a young turk is in the head-neck region. Why?

Because one well placed #4 or #6 pellet in the turkey’s brain or neck will kill him instantly. He will not suffer and there will be no loss in food-value.

Actually, you can shoot a young turk wherever you want. However, that doesn’t mean he will keel over.  Gobblers have some interesting ways to frustrate your plan — of taking a ‘wild one’ home to eat.

Obviously, a gobbler uses his wings to fly (for example: to and from his roost).  However, the wings and feathers are very dense and can repel or deflect pellets.  With turkeys, you rarely get a second shot.

Lots of hunters aim for the wattle; however, it is recommended that you shoot when you see the turkey’s head in the cross-hairs.  By aiming higher, you are less likely to spoil the meat. Remember that a breast shot does not necessarily kill your prey.

Using a Scope While Turkey Hunting

Until recently, I was unfamiliar with using a scope while hunting gobblers. Some hunters seem to value using a 1.5 to 2.0 power scope.  Why?

First, a scope helps hunters zero in on that vital head and neck region. Second, a low powered scope is a useful ally for those with poor eyesight.

Third, it allows a hunter to get a shot at a gobbler from a greater distance, which can be an important consideration in the waning weeks of turkey season.

Those turkeys that avoid a hunter’s aim in the opening days of the season are a whole bunch smarter by the end of the season. They are even more skittish than in the opening days and are harder to stalk.


I’ll be back soon with more tips on hunting turkeys!


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