Goin’ Fishin’ – Common Mistakes


If you want to become an accomplished angler, these are some basic problems to avoid.

Not Paying Attention

Successful anglers pay attention to the weather, wind direction, water conditions, etc.  One of the best ways to do this is to keep a log of your fishing expeditions.  This doesn’t have to take much time; just check off a few items on a page.  I’ll provide you with a sample soon.

Keeping the Same Fishing Line on Your Rods for Years

Fishing line has a limited lifetime. It gets snagged, stretched and crimped through use.  You will have no problem understanding this the next time you lose a lunker, because the line snapped while you were hauling it in!

Only Using Your Favorite Lure

One lure cannot be successful with every species of fish — and in every situation.  One of the ways anglers improve their chances of success is by trying different types, sizes, colors and shapes.

Fishing in Only One Location

One way to increase your success ratio  is to try different spots – from ponds to oceans.   I’ll offer specific tips for different bodies of water: tank/pond, creek, streams, rivers, lakes, etc. Stay tuned!

Only Using One Fishing Technique

If you only fish in a boat, how about trying shore fishing, trolling, bait casting, fly fishing, etc?  I plan to provide some tips for each type.


As you can see, I’m ready to get busy with fishing tips. In the next week, I will offer a “Fishing Log” sample.  You will be surprised how quickly you become an accomplished angler by keeping a few notes!


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