Fly Fishing Equipment

If you ever get a chance to go fly fishing, DO IT!  Without a doubt, it is the most elegant and graceful fishing around.

Spending Some Quality Time with Nature!



The good news is that it doesn’t require very much equipment to get started.

Basic Fly Fishing Equipment

  • A fly rod (5 or 6 weight), with appropriate line for the rod
  • reel
  • leader
  • extra tippet
  • flies
  • glasses or sunglasses – polarized will help you see fish in the water

Buying Equipment

The easiest way to get started may be to buy a beginner’s kit, but I’ve never been one to take the easy way. I find collecting my own equipment to be more satisfying.

The purpose of fly fishing is to use an artificial  lure with a fly rod and line.  It is best to go fly fishing with someone and use their equipment for the first time or two.  By having some experience, you will make better purchases.

Additional Equipment

Once you have the main equipment, there are a few other things that will make your fishing more pleasant.

  • A box to store flies
  • Nippers to cut line
  • Waders
  • Vest of fanny pack for gear
  • A landing net


It is critical to get equipment specifically make for fly fishing.  The line, specifically is heavier than used for casting reels.

Most of the action is in the wrist. As the angler flips his wrist, the line starts its move. When the arm action stops, the line is unfurled and creates a loop or an arc  before striking the water.

Fly fishing was created to catch trout and salmon. However, over the years, anglers have broadened their range of fish.  Some anglers spend their time trying to catch an ever-expanding number of fish species, using their fly fishing skills.


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