Round Up for July

It’s time to recap the most interesting, unique or ‘most read’ articles of this blog for July 2009.

Most Hits This Month

Who would have thought that photos would be so popular?  Since publishing these 2  items, they have topped each month’s “most hits” list.

First Place: Great Photos: That Wild Boar was Where?’

Second Place:Another “Oh, My” Story: A Piebald Buck!’


This copperhead will ruin your day!

This copperhead will ruin your day!


Third Place:Snake Dangers & River Tubing‘ – There is considerable interest in snakes now (probably because of all the problems folks are having with snakes due to the hot, dry weather).

Popular Articles

The series on river tubing has been very popular. In case you missed any, they are:

1) Snake Dangers & River Tubing

2) River Tubing Safety & Tips

3) Choosing the Right Water for River Tubing

4) River Tubing: Repairing a Recreational Inner Tube

This Month

Barometric Pressure and Fishing,’ has been so popular that I plan to do a series of articles on weather and fishing.


It has taken less than a year to pass 50,000 hits!   During July, we hit this milestone.  Thank you so much!


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