Fishing in the Rain


Rain Creates Huge Changes in Fish!

Rain Creates Huge Changes in Fish!


Over 400 people are struck by lightening each year in the US. I’m not suggesting ANYone fish during a lightening storm!

What Happens to Fish’s Water in a Rain Storm?

  • First, rain delivers more oxygen to the water.
  • Higher oxygen content creates more energy in the fish.
  • Rain deposits a variety of foods into the water – for fish to eat.
  • Changes in water confuses or stimulates fish
  • More food = more eaters, those eaters may be feasting on other fish, creating a feeding frenzy

During rain, fish tend to feed near the surface, to take advantage of the food being depositied by the rain.

Because many fish are trying to nab their share of the new food available, they increase the frantic nature of the feeding.

During rain storms, predators come out of hiding (from deep pools or out of weed beds) and wait close to the water’s surface.

What Can We Learn from Fishing in the Rain?

Obviously, a heavy downpour brings big changes to fish and their habitat.  As the rain pelts down, it stirs up sediment from below. Included in this sediment is food.

Suddenly, the fish have a hard time seeing, but are surrounded by food.  This is the time to use bright, shiny and large lures.

Because fish have moved higher, to take advantage of the increased oxygen of the water, this is no time to be fishing on the bottom.

Another condition you can use during rain, is the lack of light. Dark skies encourage fish to forage more. Because they have no eyelids, they avoid looking for food during daylight hours.

When it starts to rain, worms come out of their burrows – to avoid being drowned.  So this is a good time for you to place an imitation worm or slug into the edges of the streams.

When Rain Floods New Areas

Marine biologists recommend doing the opposite of what most anglers do during rain. If it has rained enough to spread over land not usually under water, most anglers cast their bait to the open water.

Biologists explain that this is a great time to step into the water and cast your hook to areas parallel to the new edges of the water.

Fish tend to rush to the newly swamped areas, to feast on the food trapped there.

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