Wind, Wave Action and Fishing

How is Wind Created?


Wind's Effect on Fishing!

The Wind Affects Fishing!


In a previous article (Barometric Pressure and Fishing, posted 6/22/09),  we discussed the idea that areas with high barometric pressure have fine weather and that low barometric pressure creates rain and wind.

Wind is the result of trying to create a balance between low and high barometric pressure.  Air is always moving from areas of high barometric pressure  to areas with low pressure.

As light air rises, heavy, cool air moves in below the rising air. The greater the difference between the high and low pressures, the higher the winds.

If you remember your science, winds generally move from west to east.  Also, as the barometric pressure rises, bodies of water absorb more oxygen from the air.

The opposite is also true: As the pressure falls, water releases oxygen into the air.  If you recall from yesterday’s post (Fishing in the Rain, posted 8/9/09), having more or less oxygen in a body of water has important effects on fish and fishing!

Active Winds = Active Fish

Marine biologists have discovered that some fish species are more active during high winds.  High winds bring millions of insects, grasshoppers and invertebrates to bodies of water.

Few of these insects, etc., can escape the surface film of the water.  Thus, high winds create feeding bonanzas!

Fishing and Wind Direction

If the prowling fish do not eat this food immediately, it is pushed toward the leeward shore, where it collects. Therefore, when winds increase, fish move to the leeward shore to feed.

Higher winds create larger waves. These waves increase the amount of oxygen in the water, thus increasing the fish’s activity.

Another effect of high winds is that much of the food/plankton/insects blow into shallow areas.  Fish move from holes to partake of the fresh food.

This brings larger fish to the shallows, to eat the smaller fish. Thus, strong winds cause fish to move to more shallow areas of a body of water.


From this discussion, we can see that wind and waves have strong effects on the movement and actions of fish.  High winds create new opportunities for successful fishing!


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