Fishing in Turbid Waters

What is Turbid Water?



Taking Advantage of Turbid Water!


Sediment (fine particles of sand or grit) in the water changes how fish see. Generally, it makes it much more difficult  for fish.

Light in Cloudy Water

Predatory fish (pike, for instance), move into these waters and take advantage of the situation.  Light changes the fish’s view under water. Fish can see in their immediate area – but not whatever moves at a short distance.

Turbid water helps fish feel safer; however,  predators know that cloudy water is the best time to prey on smaller fish.

Predators (for example: largemouth bass and northern pike), use their sight and prefer to feed in clear waters.

However, they have learned that turbid waters bring increased fish movement and lie in wait.  Although they cannot see the fish, they use their lateral line (refer to the article: ‘Fish Senses & How They Use Them – Part 2,‘ posted 6/20/2009 — for more information about fish lateral lines) to sense on-coming fish.

How Anglers Can Use Turbid Waters to Their Advantage

For anyone  fishing in turbid waters, use a larger plug (also known as a “minnow style bait).” Make sure the one you select can vibrate or waggle – and move it slowly through the cloudy water.

An excellent example of this is a plug that has a jointed body and that wobbles through the water, as you reel it in.

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