How to Predict Rain While Fishing

OK, you are out fishing and it starts to rain. Could you have anticipated it?  Here are some tips to be more aware of conditions leading to a rain storm.

First Things to Notice



What Effect Will Rain & Lightning Have on Fishing?


Watch animals in your area.  Are sea birds moving to shore and staying put?  In our area, thousands of seagulls leave the coast and gather on an old (closed) Walmart  parking lot.

Marine biologists believe fish have evolved to the point where they sense rain — or  at least weather changes!

The Effect of Humidity on Weather

As humidity rises, the chance of rain increases.  Watch airplanes as they pass overhead. Those with a vapor trail indicate high levels of moisture in the air.

The longer the vapor lasts, the higher the humidity and the closer rain is. If there is no vapor cloud after a jet, or it disappears quickly, then the moisture/humidity level is low and the weather is stable.

Predicting Rain at Night

Use the stars to predict rain!  The more the stars seem to twinkle, the higher the moisture content in the air!

When Rain Turns to Lightning

Science Daily indicates that lightning requires ice!  It’s so hot where I live, how on earth can there be ice in the atmosphere?

The ice they are talking about is VERY high up in the atmosphere. These pieces of ice can be positively (+) or negatively (-) charged. When these -‘s and +’s collide, they build up a charge. Lightning is the release of the charge!

Since we cannot see how much ice is in the atmosphere when it is raining, it’s tough to be the angler-meteorologist  (weather person) to decide, “Will lightning start soon?  Should we go? or Can we stay?”

There are lots of factors in your decision.  Are you in a boat, far from shore?  Are you in a high, flat area, with no place to hide? Are you surrounded by trees?  All of these are good reasons to go home.

Unfortunately, a rod is an excellent conductor of electricity.You do not want to be holding it during a rain storm that turns to lightning!

Remember, smart anglers fish with one eye on their line and the other on the weather!


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