Ah Fall, Can Gun Legislation Be Far Behind? Revisited

Here’s some more fun from LaLa Land (also known as ‘congress’)

Handgun Safety and Registration Act



Guns and Congress - An Unhealthy Combination!


Emails: Essentially  they all claim that  the  US Congress has a bill before them that  would require all handgun owners to list  their handguns on their federal tax forms.

Senate Bill 2099  would require all guns be  listed on the 2009 tax forms and a $50 tax/gun be paid.

If you  like to watch your blood pressure reach the top of the charts, don’t miss  reading:   http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/taxreturns.asp

The Truth :  The truth is much  less sinister; SB-2099 was before Congress in 2000, not the year 2009 (old news).  It went no-where in Congress.


Blair Holt Bill of 2009

Haven’t we heard  of this bill before?  Yep! This bill was first submitted in 2007.   More info: http://www.snopes.com/politics/guns/blairholt.asp

Emails::  There’s a list of things that would change in relation to guns.  In a phrase:  no license = no gun.

This bill also  addresses any semiautomatic firearm (that can accept any detachable ammunition-feeding device). Same idea:   no license = no gun.

The bill directs the Attorney  General to set up and run a federal record of sales system. It would be a criminal act not to register  as the owner of a firearm.

The emails go on to itemize  other requirements:

– all guns be sold through a licensed dealer,

– a driver’s license  #,

– your Social Security  Number,

– fingerprinting  of the applicant,

– a physical  and mental evaluation

– $25  fee each time a gun is sold; sale must be registered

– failure  to abide by above provision = loss of right to own gun + 1 year in            jail!

– All firearms must be locked and unavailable to folks under the age of 18.

– The govt. would  have the right to come in and inspect if guns are locked and  unavailable to those under 18.

– If owners  do not have the gun thus described (safe, locked), the fine is 5 years in jail!

The Truth :  The application has 10 parts for an applicant —

1) Provide  a clear, passport-type photo with a clear likeness

2) Name, address, Date of Birth,

3) Any other names this person has ever used or by which this applicant has        ever been known.

4) A clear thumb print

5) A statement from state and federal govt. that this person is not barred                from owning a firearm.

6) Certification by the applicant that he/she will not store guns where those           under 18 can get to them.

7)  Certificate of written firearms examination, relating to —

* safe storage of guns, particularly away from those under 18 years

* safe handling of firearms

* use of guns in the home and dangers of their use

* legal responsibilities of owner in relation to federal, state and local laws

* any other subjects the Attorney General may deem necessary

8  Authorization for release of any/all mental health records of               applicant to Attorney General

9)  Date of application.

10) Signature of applicant.

The good news is that there is no one willing to co-sponsor this bill.   Most representatives think this is an issue they don’t want to lose their seat over; and that says volumes!

For this nonsense, we pay those folks big bucks (& unbelievable health care)!


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