Drought Effects on Fishing

Droughts are long periods of reduced rain (and/or other participation) and alter fishing opportunities.

Droughts Cause Stress to Fish 


Droughts Affect Fish & Fishing!

Droughts Affect Fish & Fishing!


When a river’s waters recede, fish become stressed. Their area of habitat shrinks in relation to the reduced water.

In the US, most droughts occur in July and August. Because scientists tell us that we are in the midst of climate change, drought stresses in fish are expected to increase.

Catching Fish During a Drought

If you want to catch the largest fish available, it is important that you have your tackle in the water at the beginning of a drought. Why?

During times of stress, fish become more aggressive and will attack brighter, larger baits. However, this great fishing will only last a while.

Fish, like other creatures, live in hierarchies. When food is sparse, competition for that food becomes intense. Hierarchies change because the fish must be able to adjust to changing conditions.

As conditions worsen, the largest fish start to lose weight, while the adapting fish tend to increase in size. Over time, the fish start to equalize in size.

Therefore, fishing at the beginning of a drought is the best time to fish, before the larger fish have dropped so much weight.

Droughts change the dynamic in a pool (any body) of water.  Predatory birds and mammals find the pickings to be very easy. Predatory fish (pike, for example), tend  to be of good size, because they have so much food available.

News You Can Use

Drought conditions are great times to introduce newbies to the sport of fishing. Why?

–  Fish are hungry and less food is available. Thus, they will bite at a wide               variety of baits.

–  It is even more important to keep out of sight while fishing during a                     drought!  Remember: If you can see them, they can see you!

–  Wear dull colors and avoid the color — bright yellow (while fishing)!

–  Have you spooked the fish where you are dropping your line?  It is usually better to move to another area and be more careful. During drought conditions, it takes fish a long time to settle down again.

Next Time: How Does Severe Flooding Change Fishing?


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