Getting Your Gun Ready for Hunting Season

Tips for New Gun Owners 


Getting Your Gun Ready for Hunting Season!

Getting Your Gun Ready for Hunting Season!


A) Newbies should have an experienced person show them how to use and maintain their weapon.

B) Before sighting in your gun, you should be able to assemble, clean and take your gun apart with confidence.

C) Figure Out Which is Your Dominant Eye!

(1) Decide on an object that is about 10 feet ( ~ 3 meters) away from you.

(2) Extend your arms in front of your body.

(3) Overlap your hands so a small triangle forms between your thumbs and index fingers.

(4) Look through the triangle with both eyes open – at that object.

(5) Focus your eyes on the object you can see through the triangle.

(6) Now start to bring the triangle closer to your eyes — while keeping the object in sight all the time.

(7) To keep the object in sight, the triangle will move toward your dominant eye.

Another Way to Find Your Dominant Eye

MDH* prefers this way to determine the dominant eye.  Do as instructed for steps 1 -5. Then ….

(6a) Close your left eye and look with your right eye through the triangle.

(7a) Now close your right eye and look with your left eye through the triangle.

(8a) With which eye do you see the object in the same position?  That is your dominant eye.  The other eye requires you to move your hands, in order to continue to see the object.

Just a hint: Most right-handed folks are also right eyed.  I’m left-handed and also left eyed.  However, this is NOT written in stone!

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D) Always keep your weapon pointed in a safe direction!

* MDH = My Deer Husband


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