When a Motorcycle Meets a Cell Phone!

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I’ve gotten a bit gun-shy about running ‘Amazing Photos.’  However, I’ve checked www.Snopes.com about this story’s urban-legend status.  It is not on Snopes’ radar. *


We now know that a cell phone had nothing to do with this particular wreck!  As part of my promise not to remove info that did not harm others (on my “Blog Policy” Page, I’m leaving this blog as-is.


Safety Topic…..

Do you see the motorcycle?



Now do you see it?






Everyone Died Instantly!

The Honda crotch rocket rider was traveling ~ 85 mph.

The VW driver was talking on a cell phone when she pulled out from a side street, apparently not seeing the motorcycle.

The rider’s reaction time was not sufficient enough to avoid this accident. The car had two passengers — and the bike rider was found INSIDE the car with them.

The Volkswagen actually flipped over from the force of impact and landed 20 feet from where the collision took place.

All three involved (two in the car and the bike rider) died instantly.

Pass this on to car drivers or ‘soon to be’ new drivers, or new motorcycle owners.


Wake up people!

Stop talking on your cell phones and texting while trying to drive.

Put your cell phone in the back seat !!!


Although I did not write this, I couldn’t agree more!


* It took a couple of hours, but I found the source of this story.  It happened in Sweden, in 2003!

27 May 2010:  Snopes says this is a mostly true story. Click on “Snopes” for the details. 

“The graphic display …  was placed at the Stockholm Motorcycle Fair by the Swedish Police and Road Safety Department. The sign above the display noted that the rider had only recently obtained his license.”


When I first posted this (10/13/09), I checked with Snopes and they had no info at all.

** This article was updated 10/10/2010


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  1. Dear Readers,

    Being unable to find out if these photographs are copyrighted, I want to claim FAIR USE (in case these images belong to someone).

    This material is being offered as educational information, in the hope of reducing the staggering number of deaths related to drivers’ use of speed, distracting devices and general inattention to driving.

    By doing this, I hope to help save lives. I believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

    In accordance with Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107, the material on this site is distributed without profit.

    — Marylouise

  2. I only want to note that the “cell phone” aspect seems to have been added recently. Google and find early stories about the Swedish accident and there is no mention of the VW driver talking on her phone. Not that cell phones are a good idea in cars, it’s just that embellishment hurts the credibility of these stories.

  3. Just to reiterate what Paul said since I am sure he probably got this email sent to him as well, I find it irresponsible to blame this on people using cell phones. The motorcyclist was going 155mph, that was the issue, no cell phone was involved. I find it disrespectful and irresponsible to paint the victims (the people in the VW) as the offenders of such a brutal accident.

  4. YOU ARE RIGHT! I read the Swedish article and totally missed the fact that there was no cell phone involved.

    I was stunned by the speed of the cycle!

    –Marylouise/written by her husband

  5. The accident may have occured but the display can’t authentic.Where did the bodies go? Is the flesh still rotting inside. Would relatives allow the grave of their loved-ones be desecrated. Did they not cut the bodies out of the car? Where is the blood? Where is the damage resulting from “opening” the car??
    The reaction times involved are absurdly high. If true, no batter can hit a baseball( 90mph ball travels 60 feet in 2/3 of a second, same for a puck), No goalie can stop a slapshot (you do the math…this is EASY). You won’t be surprised to know human reaction time visually is about 140-200milliseconds.That’s 1/5 of a second not 1.6seconds.
    That doesn’t make the crash impossible it just tells me that whoever wrote the original piece is an idiot making stuff up and others are gobbling it up.
    How do we know the driver was going 155mph? Totally made up. I’ve seen elsewhere it’s 85mph.

    I thought is was a modern art exhibit frankly . Using two clunkers.

  6. Dear Jean,

    The accident really happened in Sweden in 2005. The display is shown throughout Sweden (at various events) to remind drivers that speed kills.

    Some of the confusion comes in the difference between mph and kilometers/hour. In US terms the motorcycle was moving about 85 mph, however in European kph, it was more like 137 kph. When folks changed it to mph, mistakes were made.

    If you will note, I stated in the first line that the cycle was traveling 85 mph; not 155 or even 137.

    I’m sorry that the website I mention as the origin of this info is no longer online. I’ve written to the owner of the site, asking for the new website addy. When I get it, I will post the new website for folks to make up their own minds about the validity of this information.

    If you want to consider these photos to be a ‘modern art exhibit,’ that is your right.


  7. Dear Jean,

    Correction on: “If you will note, I stated in the first line that the cycle was traveling 85 mph; not 155 or even 137.”

    It should have said: “If you will note, I stated in the first line (under the last photo), that the cycle was traveling 85 mph; not 155 or even 137.


  8. Do you really not get the point!!! Do Not Text or talk on the phone while driving!!!!!! And dont speed on a motor cycle, because people usually do not respect them anyway

  9. You can not claim Title 17 U.S.C. Section 107 fair use when in fact you “ARE” profiting from this site using someone else works. Only three inches below the pictures that you did not take and do not have ownership of, and three inches above your claim of not profiting, there is an ADs BY GOOGLE insert. I think you would have a difficult time proving you are not profiting from the site. No matter how small the payment, if you receive monetary gains and your using someone else’s works with out permission this is what lawyers call actionable. Hope this helps you understand you situation better. Be careful out there….


  10. Dear Jimmy,

    Thank you for some excellent advice! I hope you can help me with this matter. First, I’ve made considerable effort to locate the owner of these photos. These photos were taken from an official online Swedish Driving Council (type) organization; the accident happened in 2005.

    I believe these photos were taken by government officials. This government agency went to malls and events, displaying these (and other) photos proving that speed kills.

    When questions started rising about where these pix came from, I contacted the folks at that website. In the meantime, the agency dropped the website and removed the photos.

    I contacted everyone I could think of that might give me an idea of the new location of the Swedish agency and/or the photographer. To this date (August 20. 2010), I’ve received no reply … of any kind.

    Before using these photos, I did some soul-searching and decided that the value of the message was important enough to warrant their use.

    Until a month ago, I would have laughed about any monetary reward. However, you are correct I have benefited. After 4 1/2 years in business, I received my first small check from Google.

    I’m going to throw the question back to you: What would you do?

    Again, thank you for clarifying the issue of using copyrighted materials on a blog. I look forward to your reply!

    Best wishes,

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