Hunting: The Pros & Cons of Various Shooting Positions

Folks new to the sport of hunting rarely see the pros and cons of shooting positions. They tend to think that one size fits all.

However, there are important considerations when choosing a hunting stance.

Standing Position

Newbies tend to think that all hunters stand when taking a shot.  However, when shooting game, this is rarely the best position.

The strength of the standing position is that it is good for short-range shots. The longer the shot, however, the poorer this position becomes.

Prone Position



The Prone Position Helps Accuracy!


Sometimes, you will only be able to get off one shot before the game  moves away. This is the best position when you need accuracy.

On the downside, it takes time to get yourself into place to take advantage of a prone position.  Another drawback to this stance is:  The low angle could limit your view.

Positions of Sitting or Kneeling

In the sitting position, you brace your elbow on your knee (sitting Indian-style).  The kneeling position also uses the elbow on the knee; one leg rests under you on the ground and the other is perpendicular to the ground, with your weapon resting in your hand.

By taking the time to set up this shot and using your knee as  a way to hold your weapon steady, you will be able to get a longer, more accurate shot.

Another advantage of either of these two stances is that you will have greater visibility than if you used the prone position.

Another Tip

By using a pair of shooting sticks, you can increase your chances of holding your weapon steady and hitting your mark.

Essentially, it is setting up a bi-pod, by crossing two sticks (and securing the crossed twigs with cord) and placing your weapon on the top of the X created.

A tripod (using three sticks lashed together – tepee fashion) might be an even more stable option.


In the coming days, I will address the issue of UV-Brighteners and Hunter’s Clothing

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