UV Brighteners in Hunting Clothes & How Deer See

Last year, I spent several weeks studying this issue for my readers. This problem is complex and is not going to go away soon.



Can You Get the UV Brighteners Out of Your Clothing?


For the next few days, we will be discussing UV Brighteners and the use of special soaps on hunting clothes.

In the Beginning ….

In 1993, researchers at the University of Georgia conducted a study that literally shook the world of deer and turkey hunting. *

I could go into a long explanation:  ‘The difference in our eyes versus that of the deer and turkey.’  However, most folks don’t want the full 50 cent sermon; they just want to know how it will affect them and their hunting.

The 10 Cent Summary

1) Deer and human eyes are the same – in that both use rods and cones.  Rods = are light sensitive and cones = see colors.

Deer have more rods and can see better in low light. Humans have more cones, which means that we can see colors better than deer.

2) Human eyes have a protective layer that protects them from up to 99% of UV rays, but deer do not.  This means that we can see details better than deer.

3) Human eyes see light in the “visible spectrum” – including violet, blue, green, yellow, orange and red. Beyond violet, there is something called the  “ultraviolet spectrum.”

Deer can see this “ultraviolet spectrum” naturally.  We can see this range of color only when we use a black light.

Hunter’s Clothing, BC (Before China)

During the past generation, the changes in textile manufacturing have been staggering!

In the beginning, everyone wore cotton.  As a way to sell more white and light colored cottons, some bright bulb created ‘UV Brighteners.’

By adding these UV Brighteners, white  (and brightly colored) fabrics stayed light and bright through many washings.

These additives were not in hunting clothing while American companies manufactured the clothes we wear.

When Textile Manufacturing Moved to China

Over the years, China increased their market-share of the manufacture and construction of clothing world-wide.

However, no one advised the Chinese that UV Brighteners were not used in hunting clothes. Before long, most clothing sold in America had these brighteners.


Next time, we will learn about some mighty unhappy hunters!


* The eyes of turkeys were also studied, and I’ll discuss this later.


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