UV Brighteners in Hunting Clothes & How Deer See

To Recap: By the time of the 1993 study,* China’s take-over of the textile industry was in full-swing.  These two unrelated things turned the world of the hunter upside-down!

Unhappy Hunters with New Hunting Garments



Looking for Clothes Without UV Brighteners!


Suddenly, hunters were hearing that deer could see UV light.  However,  just about all new clothing available in the stores was full of the stuff (UV brighteners)!

What should a hunter do?

Time Out For a Reality Check

The simplest thing I could tell you to do is: Watch the outdoor TV shows and buy the hunting clothes they sell (guaranteed  free of UV brighteners), even though they are very expensive.

Then spend lots of money purchasing washing products that will keep your hunting clothes UV free.

But I’m ‘Old School.’ That isn’t a service to my readers — that’s the path-of-least-resistance.

I’m going to make suggestions along the way that will leave money in your wallet.  If I don’t make a convincing argument for doing what I do, there are plenty of companies ready to take your money.

I have no axe to grind; no profit motive. I don’t sell any of the products I will mention!

Meanwhile, Back to Our Story …

The University of Georgia study had some other interesting conclusions, of interest to hunters.

1) Deer lack the ability to distinguish the color of red.  Thus, hunters can wear red and orange (so hunters can see each other), without warning deer.

2) Deer see blue and green. However, they cannot tell green from red, blue from red, or red from orange.

Blue is a poor color choice for camo — deer see this color.  But red, orange and green are safe colors for camo.

3) Deer can see UV dyes/brighteners in clothes. HOWEVER, seeing UV brighteners IS ONLY A FACTOR IN LOW LIGHT CONDITIONS.

The “bummer” is: Deer are more active in low light conditions.

Why Have UV Brighteners In Hunting Clothes?

The justification for adding brighteners to hunting clothes was:  These brighteners help the fabrics accept the dyes better AND colors stay longer in clothes. Thus, your camo pattern won’t fade as fast.

In other words: Longer lasting clothes = value to the customer.

Boy did they miss the point here!  Hunters are still ‘hot-and-bothered!’



Come Back Tomorrow: What’s a Hunter to Do?


* The University of Georgia learned “how deer see.” Their studies were verified by other universities in America.


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