Buying Hunting Clothes Without UV Brighteners! **

What’s A Hunter to Do?

This discussion will be for folks who need new hunting garments. Next, I’ ll make suggestions for hunters who already have  hunting clothes/camo wear.

Finally, I’ll talk about — Is this all “much-ado about nothing?”



Going Shopping

1) Get a black light flashlight! You will need it when you go shopping

Be Sure to Sit and Stretch to Make Sure Hunting Clothes have Enough Room!

for new hunting clothes.

Sources online offer them between $20 and $75!  You cannot use an ordinary flashlight.

2)  Shop wisely!  You will be searching for hunting camo without UV brighteners.  You will need to use a dark-ish room.

Turn on the flashlight (in a darkended room); if the clothing glows, it has the dreaded brighteners.

Hunting togs without brighteners may cost more. Keep in mind that you need to scan over all of the clothing.

You may find that  only the hip pockets glow.* Will that be a problem for you? Can you cover the area?

Are you a ‘clearance table’ hound, like me? Be careful.  The reason items may be on sale or on the clearance rack is that they were rejected by last year’s hunters. Use your blacklight here too.

Also, rub two parts of the garment together. Is there any noise?  Both deer and turkey have much better hearing than hunters.

If you can hear the ‘swish’ — so can they.  That’s why cotton and wool have always been so popular with hunters; they are quiet!

Do these garments have a sheen; they must be matte!  Often, a washing or two will cure the shine problem.  Ask the salesperson or someone who would know.

Your First Washing

The trick is to keep your hunting clothes UV free!  This is no time to use the ‘wrong’ detergent and forever add UV brighteners to your pristine clothes!

Yep! It’s no joke. Using the wrong detergent — even once — will permanently add UV brighteners to your clothes!

There are a couple of enterprising companies that have created business empires by convincing hunters that anything on the grocer’s shelves will doom them (and their clothes)  to UV brighteners’ hell.

Tomorrow: The List of Grocery Products Without Brighteners


* UV brighteners are added to fabrics before they become garments.  Sometimes, the manufacturer is not careful about checking the origin of all of the cloth.

** A Reminder: I don’t sell any products I mention in this series. This is strictly educational information.


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