More Tips to Hide Your Scent

This just might be “pure genius in a bottle!”  Because of the hydrogen peroxide, I’d put this on par with Oxi-Clean — for a lot less money!

A Clever Brew for Hunting Clothes

Place 2 cups of water in an empty spray bottle. Add 2 cups of hydrogen peroxide and 1/2 cup of baking soda.

Stir in 1 oz. of unscented shampoo and place the top back on the spray bottle. Shake the bottle and then spray your hunting clothes down with the mixture.



Passing the 'Sniff' Test!


This will freshen up the clothing and take away any odor the hunting clothes have. This will keep animals from smelling you and give you a better chance of catching one.

Use this formula on hunting clothes that you’ve already washed with residue-free detergent.

–from Alicia Bodine, eHow (source of this recipe)

Why Use Baking Soda/Washing Soda for Hunting Clothes?

– Both products are natural and have been used as washing products for more than 100 years!

– There are no additives — they are pure products (there are no UV brighteners).

– They are economical.


More Tips on Masking/Eliminating Your Scent

Hunters use a variety of ways to mask their scent while hunting. Some buy every jim-crack and ge-haw available.  And that’s OK, if you have a gushing oil well in your back yard.

These additional tips are for hunters interested in having a good time, without over-spending….

– Unscented Arm & Hammer deodorant uses baking soda to absorb your scent  — for a lot less money than the fancy hunter’s brands.

– Shampooing before going out on a hunt?  Be sure to leave the tooti-fruiti smelling shampoos on the shelf and use an unscented brand.

– Some hunters are so serious about de-scenting themselves that they wash their bedding, towels and sleeping bags in unscented detergents.

– Other hunters don’t want house smells to contaminate their clothing/bedding/etc.  They leave these items outside – at all times.

– Instead of storing hunting clothes with pine boughs, etc., some hunters store theirs in sealed tubs or plastic bags with charcoal in the containers.  They state that they do not remove their clothing from the bags/sealed tubs until they are ready to hunt.

– One of the most unusual ideas: Avoid wearing your hunting boots and clothing in a cafe or to a gas station!


Disclaimer: I don’t sell any products I mention in this series. This is strictly educational information.


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