Deer Hunting from a Tree Stand

Tips from Successful Deer Hunters


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Deer Hunting Tips! *


Before deer hunting season begins,  it is important to find the places where deer feed and bed down.  Usually, they use trails to get from bedding locations to feeding areas.

After awhile, you will begin to notice the difference between primary and secondary trails. Primary trails are more worn and have more tracks than less important ones.

Situate your stand as far away from the trail as possible while staying within the shooting range limit of your firearm or bow.

Don’t forget to check wind directions and place your stand downwind of the trail.

Safety First!

Before each hunt, check your tree stand for safety.  Remember that winds and weather can cause damage or shifting.

Do you have a rope or string attached to the stand so you can pull up your bow or other weapon (unloaded, of course) when you are situated in your stand?

Safe hunters use a safety belt or harness — to make sure they are secure in the tree!

What if You Can’t Find an Active Feeding Area?

Deer = cagey, sneaky and exasperating!  But you already know that.  How else can you find deer?

If the rut is on, check trees for scrapes and rubbings.  This indicates that whitetails are active in the area.

Bucks generally visit these areas daily just before and during the rut. Look for fresh scrapings.  Look particularly along old trails and near cover.

If you are looking for a place to locate your stand,  try an area near fresh scrapings.  Remember, during the rut, bucks visit these areas at any and all hours!

Let the Hunting Begin!

During hunting season, the woods are most active between 10 am and 2 pm — for the hunters.  While hunters are moving in and out of the forest/hunting areas, they cause the deer to move.  You should be in your stand.

Come back tomorrow to find out how to take advantage of all this mid-day movement!


* “Dream Team – One-on-One” from the Wild Wings collection of Vantage Point Graphics.  Used with their permission.


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