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Locating Your Tree Stand

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Now let’s return to mid-day hunting from your tree stand.

Hunters are most active between 10 am and 2 pm (not that you are hunting them).  You can take advantage of this mid-day movement!  While deer are on the move  avoiding the hunters, they try to stay away from the open.

If you have placed your tree stand in the woods, you will be able to watch the deer move quietly from one wooded area to another, staying in the shadows.

Your Tree Stand Near Water

Locating your tree stand near water might be a great idea.  There are some factors that will affect your choice.

In dry areas, where there are few watering holes, setting up your tree stand nearby may be a super idea.  Before deciding on a spot, however, make sure there are fresh tracks around the water.

If there are few fresh tracks, the whitetails are spending most of their time elsewhere.  You have the best chance of success where watering holes are far apart.

If there are lots of gathering places for water, the deer have too many choices and this decreases your chances of catching sight of a deer in the crosshairs of your gun.

Things to Remember

Whitetails are skittish near water — they are vulnerable.  It is critical that you avoid movement or noise.

Deer do most of their feeding in dim light.  They usually drink water in late afternoon, before traveling to feeding areas.  In the morning, before heading to their beds, they also take water.

Ever watchful, if whitetails see or smell something unusual, they turn tail and run.  They don’t wait around to see if they’ve over-reacted!

Advantages of a Tree Stand

  • Your stand is above the deer’s line of sight
  • Your scent is above the deer
  • You have a broader view of your hunting area

Did you know that arrow or gun shots that enter game’s body at a high angle and exit at a low angle leave a better blood trail? This helps you recover your game!

Two last tips: Keep your tree stand in the shadows of the tree. This is no time to give your location away!

In a tree stand, the animal’s vitals are at a different angle.  Aim your rifle or arrow a bit lower to get the vital organs.


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