Hunting Accidents are Preventable!

This is Veteran’s Day — Let Us Give Thanks!



'Thank You' for Keeping Our Skies Safe! *


Before starting today’s article, I’d like to thank all veterans for the sacrifices they have made for us!

I cannot fathom the grief of the mothers and fathers who lost their adult sons and daughters in the tragedy at Fort Hood! Just as they were thinking how great it was to have their children safe in the US, they had to face such unspeakable and shocking grief.



'Thank You!' to each Member of our Army!

America doesn’t just have heroes on foreign soil! ¬†Fort Hood reminds us that heroes are everywhere!

If you see a serviceman or woman todayin a restaurant, a coffee shop or convenience store –how about picking up the tab for their meal, coffee, newspaper or coke?



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YOU will feel better for having done it!


How Hunting Accidents Happen

Here’s a list of the most common situations that cause hunting accidents:

  • A loaded firearm in a vehicle 


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  • Unsafe loading or unloading of a weapon
  • Horseplaying with a gun
  • Shooting a weapon from a vehicle
  • Hunter swings to shoot game and shoots victim instead
  • Victim is mistaken for game 


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  • Firearm or ammo is defective
  • Crossing an obstacle in an unsafe manner
  • Victim moves into the line of fire
  • An obstruction in the barrel of a weapon
  • Shooter is unsure of what is beyond his shot
  • Victim is out-of-sight
  • Using an unsecured gun rest
  • Shooter stumbled and fell

How to Prevent Hunting Accidents

Before you shoot, be sure of your target and what lies beyond it.

Have your weapon pointed in a safe direction at all times.

Every gun is loaded UNTIL you check it yourself!

Keep your finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot!

Shooting from a vehicle is against the law (in most states) and unethical!


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