In a New Hunting Spot? Tips for Finding Deer!


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At least once in our lives, most of us get the opportunity to hunt deer in a new locale.  Here are some tips for finding deer in a variety of locations — from deserts to hardwood forests!

Deer in Desert Regions

Because forage is hard to come by in a desert region, deer tend to travel greater distances in search of food.  The best plan here is to find a place where you can see lots of land at the same time (in a rocky area, near the top of a canyon, etc.).

With binoculars or a spotting scope,  you can see movement in large areas.  Remember, if you can see the deer, he can see you!  Slow movement is called for in this situation.

We call a place a ‘desert’ because of the scarcity of water and food. Use this fact to your advantage!

Hunt close to water holes, especially if the weather has been dry. This works best when watering holes are fairly far apart (so the deer don’t have so many choices).

Deer with Savvy

By the time a buck has reached the age of 4 or 5, he knows about hunters.  These deer are very savvy and tend to look for land with difficult access.   The harder it is for you to get to him, the easier he can breathe!

Look for rocky ridges (Stay off the ridge line, however. You’ll be busted quickly by alert, watching deer).  Other difficult terrain to try includes deep canyons.

Essentially, you are looking for places deer are sure you won’t want to bother with in your pursuit of them.  Get out of your vehicle and walk as far as you can — to avoid other hunters.


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* “Break in the Storm” from the Wild Wings collection of Vantage Point Graphics.  Used with their permission.


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