Finding Deer in Farmer’s Fields & in Brushy Areas!

If your hunting area is near agricultural fields, count your lucky stars! Deer head for farmer’s fields in the late afternoons and start their exit during the early morning hours.


Deer Move to Heavy Cover As Daylight Begins! *



After Feeding in the Farmer’s Fields

Because a farmer’s agricultural lands are favorite eating places, deer generally spend their non-feeding hours (daylight) in heavy cover, near those fields.

If you can locate the deers’ bedding and feeding areas, you will want to set up a tree stand or deer blind.  This way, you can watch for deer moving from the fields where they feed to their bedding areas.

You will see the most activity in the early mornings and late afternoons.

Deer Hunting During the Daytime

Since you know that deer generally hide during daylight hours, you should use a different strategy.  You and a partner can stir up some action by walking parallel to each other through thickets.

With luck, you two can push deer out of their hiding places.  Deer on-the-move are easier to shoot than deer that are hunkered-down until dark.

Deer Hunting in Brushy Terrain

Deer like to eat and hide in dense vegetation.  This is another area where you can use the “drive” technique with other hunters.

You will need hunters to act as ‘standers’ or ‘blockers.’  Standers are located where deer are likely to bolt and run.  Where?  On frequently used trails and along saddles.

Drivers carefully work an area.  It’s a good idea to have the drivers zigzagging through the brush, as a means of confusing the deer.

Stay Safe While Driving Deer

  • All the hunters involved in the driving-and-blocking maneuver should  wear hunter’s orange clothing.
  • Hunters should  pick their shots carefully because of the number of people in the field at the same time.


Next time: More hunting tips – for forest regions!



* “When Color is King” from the Wild Wings collection of Vantage Point Graphics.  Used with their permission.


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