Finding Deer in Evergreeen & Hardwood Forests!

Finding Deer in Evergreen Forests



Heading for Higher Ground! **


Deer  may hide in evergreen forests, but they don’t feed there. Why?  There’s little sunlight in these forests to allow the deer’s favorite foods to grow.

Deer often use heavy forests to hide in during the day, but they travel to better feeding areas in the late afternoon and evening.

The food that deer prefer to eat is brush —  which happens to grow in open areas.  You can use this info to find a great hunting spot.

Set up a ground blind near potential feeding areas.  You will need good visibility (to see the deer as they are coming towards you).

Plan to stay there until the shooting light merges into dark.  This is the time that deer are  moving around, looking for a quiet meal.

Finding Deer in Hardwood Forests

If you thought evergreen areas were bad, hardwood forests are no better for the hunter.  About the best you can do here is scout around for signs that deer have been in the area.

You are looking for recently used trails (is the scat fresh?), scrapes and rubs on tree branches or trunks. If you find a likely spot, with good visibility (remember, you want to shoot a deer, not a fellow hunter), select an area where you can watch fresh trails or fresh rubbing on trees.

Sometimes, as hard as you try to avoid them, other hunters are using the same patch of land.   If those hunters are on the move,  they may drive game to you.

If not, try ‘still hunting.’ Move v–e–r–y slowly, stop, look around and listen for movement or sound. * ALWAYS keep the wind in your face. This is no time to let game catch your scent!


* Before you take aim, make sure you are watching a 4 legged creature and not one with 2 legs — and a weapon!


** This image is “Higher Ground” and is used by permission from ClearVue Graphics.


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